Standard 2 Indicator 2.01

Standard 2: Governance and Leadership

Indicator 2.01 
The school’s policies, practices and agreements ensure effective administration of the school.

Representative Evidence

2.01.003  -  
Teaching/Administrative Licenses on file in the school office 
Accreditation from AdvancEd (NCA) 
Free & Reduced Lunch Services 
School Choice Scholarship 
Special Ed Resource Services 
Title I- Would like to stretch into preschool 

2.01.008  -  
Student ISP's on file 
Covered Bridge Special Education Services 
Speech and Language Pathologist on staff 
Accessible OT and PT when needed 
Resource Teacher + aide on staff 
Student Assistance Team (SAT) - Procedure: Teacher brings child to table during the monthly SAT Team meeting. The team suggests modifications to implement.  One month later, the team checks in and devises additional plans/interventions, if needed. This documentation is then used if and when child is referred to Covered Bridge for testing.    
2.01.010  -   
Audit Report is on file in the parish office
Finance Council 
School Commission
2.01.012 -   
Policy on Respecting Individuals 
Safe Environment Policy 
Wellness Policy 
Medicine Administration Policy 
National School Lunch Program
Smoking Prohibitions Policy 
Referrals for staff to support Wellness and Stress Management- Employee Assistance Program (Page 6)
Safe Sleeping Policy- We do not serve infants.
2.01.016  -  
Records Management Policy

2.01.019  -  
Archdiocese of Indianapolis Employment Law Manual 
Archdiocese Code of Conduct Form 
New Hire Checklist
Safe and Sacred Documentation filed in Office

2.01.019  -  
Verification documents on file

2.01.024  -  
On file in school office

Other Evidence
Faculty Handbook
School Wellness Policy 
Full-Time Employee Benefits Summary
Part-Time Employee Benefits Summary