K-4 Computer Technology

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 EduTyping Assignments
(Week of January 22, 2017)
 GradeAssignment Class Day
First Grade Unit 2, Lesson 2B
(L.M. Unit 1, Lesson 1A)
(E.N. Unit 1, Lesson 2A) 
 Second GradeUnit 5, Lesson 1A

(M.A. Unit 2, Lesson 2A)
Third Grade Unit 7, Lesson 3A & 3BWednesday
Fourth GradeUnit 7, Lesson 6B

(F.C. & L.S. Unit 2, Lesson 2A) 


EduTyping Jr.
The EduTyping, Jr. edition software is designed for students at the elementary level (grades K - 5).  We are using it for grades K-4.  The curriculum is setup to teach new keys learned by introducing new rows on the keyboard in a sequential manner. 

The EduTyping software and curriculum was developed based on extensive research and data obtained from a number of educational sources including the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education), the NBEA (National Business Education Association), data and feedback collected from hundreds of EduTyping school users, instructors, and multiple classroom field tests and studies conducted in elementary schools. 

The EduTyping Jr. software includes all of the necessary lessons, tools, and exercises to effectively introduce and teach elementary level students the basics of touch-typing technique and skills.

 Grading in EduTyping Jr.

Students are graded on their accuracy as well as their typing speed.  Accuracy and speed requirements increase incrementally by grade level.  Students will periodically have homework assignments in Keyboarding class if they fall behind in lessons to be completed in class.  EduTyping is Internet based and can be used on any computer with Internet access.  

 Other Tech Lessons

We will also be exploring various other computer technology subjects throughout the school year. These subjects include, but are not limited to Google Earth, Internet Research, Microsoft Office Products, Digital Citizenship, etc.  The topics and skills vary by grade level.  These assignments are graded based upon student understanding and ability to complete the projects correctly and by the date they are due.  If you have any questions about these assignments, please contact Mrs. Chandler. 

You can contact Mrs. Jennifer Chandler with questions about the EduTyping Curriculum, or visit www.edutyping.com for additional information from the company.  2016

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