7th Grade

Mrs. Week's 7th Grade Class

Welcome to seventh grade!  Our seventh grade class is the second step in our middle school journey to preparation of students for high school.  We follow the Indiana Academic Standards and enrich our program with higher level academics such as pre-algebra, religious study, and geography.  Our students have the chance to develop higher level thinking skills through activities like the Stockmarket Game, National Geographic bowl, and performing the Stations of the Cross during Lent.  

Seventh grade students not only begin academic preparations for high school, but also begin taking on more responsibilities in the school to prepare for their eighth grade year.  Our seventh graders host a spaghetti dinner and take over our recycling program from the eighth grade in the spring.  They also host the annual graduation dance and the pumpkin patch at our Boo Fest. Our seventh grade class sets the stage for our exemplary eighth graders!

You can e-mail Mrs. Weeks at weeks@nativityofoursavior.net


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