5th Grade

Mrs. Russell's 5th Grade Class

Fifth grade at Nativity is an important year!  Our students finalize their roles as elementary students and prepare to become middle school students.  They also particpate in Indiana Academic Standards and take on more responsibilities at the church during Masses.  It is the year in which they learn lectoring and service.

Our fifth grade sets itself apart from other fifth grades through more rigorous academic preparation and religious study.  They are in charge of Mass one day a week through much of the year as our lower grades prepare to take more active roles in Mass.  The fifth grade students take part in fine arts as well, and learn through various media, like computers.  Fifth grade concentrates on helping them develop skills they will need for middle school, like organization, responsibility, and creativity.  For more information on our fifth grade, please contact the office at office@nativityofoursavior.net .

You can e-mail Mrs. Russell at russell@nativityofoursavior.net.

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