4th Grade

Mrs. Dietrich's 4th Grade Class

Ready, set, camp!  Our fourth grade class has a lot of exciting learning activities to choose from!  Fourth grade follows the Indiana Academic Standards and embarks on a lot of hands-on learning!  These students are introduced to the wonders of Indiana through its history and environmental science.  The fourth grade spends a lot of time getting to know all about our state and the environment in which we live, as they prepare to camp out for three days at the Indiana Dunes National Park in the spring.

Our fourth grade also emphasizes economic knowledge with participation in Junior Achievement, and pairs up with kindergarten for "reading buddies".  Contact Mrs. Dietrich for more information about 4th grade.

You can e-mail Mrs. Dietrich at dietrich@nativityofoursavior.net.

Classroom News

The Whipping Boy
Board Games
We made board games to wrap up our novel.  Each group did a great job thinking about the objectives and the rules of their game.

Luke B and Julia
Escape from the Cutthroats

Marie and Charlie
Adventure in the Kingdom

Elaina and Nick
The Adventures of the 
Whipping Boy

Mikey and Peter
Prince Brat and Jemmy 
Story Game

Josh, Ava, and Lily
Royalty Land

What's Happening in Fourth Grade?

Religion - Ch 17, 18, 19 The Ten Commandments: The Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Reading - Skylark

Math - Ch. 9 Adding and Subtracting Fractions/ Measurement

Grammar - Unit 5 Pronouns

Writing - Research Writing

Science - Ch.3 Technology and Motion

Social Studies -  Ch 3 American Revolution to Civil War

Rudy and Anthony
The Great Escape

Luke T and Aiko

Sebastian and Kaitlyn
Get to the Castle

Yulissa and Elizabeth
Back to the Castle

Upcoming Dates

4/18 to 5/6 - Istep+ Testing

4/26 - Spirit Wear Day

4/27 - Jr. Kdg/ Kdg Open House 5-7 pm

4/27 - CYO Spelling Bee 6 pm.

4/28 to 4/29 - Book Fair

4/29 - Spring Music Program at 7 pm

5/5 - Porter County Spelling Bee 6 pm.

5/6 - Snow Make-Up Day 

5/6 - Prayer to the Holy Spirit Test

5/9 - Meet St. John Bosco Pen Pals

5/10 - Ag Day Field Trip

5/11 - Home and School General Meeting

5/16 - CYO Band Concert

5/17 - Grandparents Day

5/18 to 5/20 - Frog in the Bog Field Trip

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