3rd Grade

Mrs. Franzen's 3rd Grade Class

Greetings from Nativity's third grade class!  As you can see we are happy to have visitors!  Third grade is an important year for our students, as they take their first set of ISTEP+ state tests.  Our students are well-prepared to master state tests, without testing being the primary focus of our curriculum!   3rd graders also master all 4 operations of mathematics.  They prepare for life in the church with the accomplishment of First Eucharist.     

Third grade students study Indiana Academic Standards and master important skills such as multiplication and division.  They begin writing longer applications and studying some geography.  They focus on honing reading skills and prepare for the IREAD test, taken in the spring. It is a very active classroom in which the students do a great deal of hands-on learning. For more information about third grade, please contact the office at office@nativityofoursavior.net .


You can contact Mrs.                                                                                                                     Franzen franzen@nativityofoursavior.net





Math Workbook p. 68

Read Time for Kids

Study Spelling.


Classroom News

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February 11  Valentine's Day Party
February 12-15  Winter Break
February 19   Planetarium Field Trip
February 22  Mass with Bishop Hying
February 29  ISTEP